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Decades of experience serving northeast Greensboro

Our founder, Bret Robertson, first discovered his passion for landscaping as a young boy working with his father. As his knowledge and skills developed, Bret decided to pursue an education in landscaping, earning his degree from Ohio State University in 1984. From there, he moved south and began his professional career with one of the green industry's leading landscape servicers.

After a long tenure of fieldwork and management, Bret decided it was time to begin his next chapter in business. He then left his salary job to start his own company that would operate on his terms to fulfill the needs of specific clientele. Thus began Pruning Perfection, a company dedicated to homeowners who desire a more personalized approach to their landscaping needs. For Bret, this was a brand new venture, but in familiar territory. 


Our Team:

More than just a landscaping company, Pruning Perfection  is a home-grown family business full of familiar faces. Having began with just Bret and soon followed by co-founder Jon Hein, our team today consists of approximately 10 members who work within their own skillsets to deliver quality landscaping and hardscaping services. Since the very beginning, we have been employing hands we can trust - cultivating a tight-knit group of people who care about doing the job right. 


Our Vision:

Pruning Perfection has been serving a fast-growing customer base throughout northeast Greensboro since its genesis in 2012. Prioritizing quality and customer satisfaction has allowed us to grow primarily through word of mouth. We are proud of the reputation we hold with our clients, as we work hard to ensure that their needs are met.

Over time, our services have expanded beyond pruning to include hardscaping, landscaping, and drainage solutions. These creative projects provide us the opportunity to give homeowners the yards they deserve.


Our Founder:

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